I would like to thank the citizens of El Dorado County for entrusting me to be your Recorder-Clerk.

Over the past four years, I have made multiple improvements to the department to serve the public
better. We started by implementing a new recording software system that has saved tax dollars by
increasing the department’s overall efficiency. The office reconfiguration I designed allowed for the
conception of a private wedding room, decreased wait times, and increased staff productivity. Another
benefit was our office could remain open to the public during the pandemic.

Streamlining communication, offering specialized training, and extending our recording times have
increased our level of customer service and helped our frequent recorders be more successful.
One of my duties as the Recorder-Clerk is to preserve our community’s maps and books. We initiated a
long-term preservation process to ensure that our history is accessible for generations to come.
I accomplished all this and decreased the department’s annual budget.

I ask for your vote to be re-elected so that I may continue to serve as your Recorder-Clerk.

-Janelle Horne

During the last 4 years as Recorder-Clerk, Janelle has been working to serve the public better by making updates and changes to the department including the following:

Opening Communications between Recorder’s office & title and escrow companies and local attorneys
Lowered Number of Staffing Positions
Streamlined Office Procedures
Public Outreach with an Educational Q&A Forum
Began Map & Book Preservation Project [July 2019]
Replaced 25-year-old Microfilm Machine with Scan Pro 2000
Kept the Office Open during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Office Reconfiguration [June 2020]
Cross Trained Staff
New Recording System & Data Conversion [August 2020]
Maintained lower staffing levels with increased recordings
Continuing to decrease the annual budget
Increased accessibility of records for other departments and local agencies
Private Wedding Room [December 2020]
Redesign County Recorder- Clerk Seal [December 2020]
Implementation of Appointments System [January 2022]
Property Owner Title Protection Letter for Quit Claim Deeds [April 2022]

Goals for Upcoming Term:

Reimage documents from 1850-1879 to upload into a new recording system. Remove low-quality image hosting and cumbersome imaging system for $7600/annual department savings.

Staff will complete customer service training to be better equipped to serve clients.

Continue the [10-year] Map and Book Preservation Project.

Reappropriate an unused space for book storage [Approved by CAO to use ACO funds] to move books to the same building to be stored in a better temperature-controlled, secure environment to save time and staff accessibility.

Collaborate with local educators of history to encourage community involvement within the Recorder-Clerk office and other county government offices.

Janelle looks forward to serving the public for another term as your Recorder-Clerk.

Please vote in the June 7th, 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election.